Upon confirmation of a booking, we will send you our standard booking contract together with the following Terms & Conditions:

Terms and conditions

1. The Engager will pay a non-refundable (subject to Clause 5) booking deposit of £100 to the Leader on signature of this Contract and will pay the balance of the fee to the Leader by cash, cheque or bank transfer on or before the Date of Engagement.

2. The Engager is responsible, and will take all reasonable steps when booking the Venue, for ensuring that a safe supply of electricity (2 x standard 13 Amp plugs is sufficient) and adequate performance space (approximately 4m x 3m minimum, under waterproof covering) are provided at the Venue.

3. If the Engagement is cancelled for a reason beyond the reasonable control of the parties, including without limitation where the Venue is unavailable because of labour disputes, war, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with a law or a notice issued by a licensing authority, accident, fire or flood (a “Force Majeure Event”) this Contract will terminate, and the parties will have no further rights or obligations under this Contract. The deposit may be transferred (but not refunded) to secure a later alternative Engagement date depending on the Leader’s availability.

4. If the Engager cancels the Engagement for a reason other than a Force Majeure Event, the Engager shall pay a proportion of the fee to the Leader in addition to the booking deposit as follows: less than one calendar month before the Date of Engagement: 25% of the Total Fee, or less than 5 working days before the Date of Engagement: 50% of the Total Fee.

5. The Leader may terminate this Contract in the event of (i) accident, incapacity and/or illness evidenced by a doctor’s certificate; or (ii) vehicle breakdown whilst traveling to the venue evidenced by a certificate from a professional garage or breakdown recovery service. On termination under this Clause 5, the Leader will refund the booking deposit and further obligations under this Contract will cease immediately.

6. If the Leader cancels the Engagement for a reason other than a Force Majeure Event [or for a reason not otherwise specified in Clause 5 above], where practicable the Leader will use reasonable endeavours to provide an alternative performer(s) of a similar specification, and to the extent that the fee due to the alternative performer(s) exceeds the total fee that would have been payable to the Leader, the Leader will pay such additional amount.

7. The equipment and instruments of each musician performing at the Engagement may not be used by other performers or persons without specific permission of the musician.

8. This Contract may not be transferred, amended, cancelled or terminated except as provided above without the written agreement of both parties. This Contract is governed by English law.

9. The Engager agrees to provide each member of the Band with a hot and healthy meal at an appropriate time either before the performance or during a break, with drinks available to the Band during the event.

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